Many challenges in the financial industry require action by highly experienced, focused, and dedicated experts. At Scilla East, a best-in-business senior team delivers both, viable strategies and hands-on solutions.


Because we partner, we commit and we deliver. We have gained financial industry insights and experience over 3 decades from projects in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and the Americas. This ensures that we understand the needs and desires of your organisation fast.


We take a comprehensive approach that includes people, the organization, governance, business, and IT. We are focused, hands-on, and determined to yield results. We are committed to building a true partnership with you in order to reach the targets you have set.



We help banks design strategic roadmaps to take their business to the next level and to become truly excellent in their core competencies. In an era of increasing regulatory complexity, we work with banks to develop a strategic vision that is in alignment with regulatory oversight.

Operations & IT

Banks are increasingly seeking to streamline and simplify how they work. We support the implementation of new requirements, solution migration, automation, and functional enrichment by applying proven operational principles. Recent areas of focus include optimizing processes to increase efficiency and integrating data and customer information across channels to improve customer experience.

Risk Management

We offer risk analysis for change initiatives to ensure systems and processes comply with the risk tolerance of the bank. We evaluate the risks according to current risk management principles aligned to your risk framework.


We manage and implement your regulatory projects. By coordinating with your compliance, risk, legal, and IT stakeholders we understand your objectives and priorities. Our experience enables us to identify and document your requirements and design the appropriate solutions.

Data & Architecture

Good processes, systems, and data architectures enable you to adapt quickly to new requirements and stay ahead of your competitors. We build best-fit architectures for your new bank by using our competence in process engineering, data modeling, and architectural design.

Project Management

An external project manager brings a different perspective and a unique drive. We combine our international experience and local knowledge, skills, and passion, in order to achieve your objectives. We support your project organization and take responsibility for all aspects of the project including task management, people management, and PMO.